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Make: Brother

Model: Deluxe 900

Made in: Japan

Year: 1975

Serial No: C5387732

Layout: QWERTY

Typeface: Elite


Features include:

Folding paper rest

Tabulator function

Variable line spacing

Margin stops

Touch control adjustment

Black/red/stencil ribbon selector

Rigid shell carrying case


Very responsive typing action with keys fast to return, overall good cosmetic condition for its age, with the exception of a mark near the carriage return lever due to it folding for storage in its case (can be seen in picture and seems to be common with the folding handle design), though of course it does not affect the typewriter in any way.


This typewriter was loved by its previous owner as they made a replacement handle for the case when the original broke, it adds to the history of this typewriter and is part of its story, so we did not wish to change it, it holds the typewriter perfectly well when carrying and the handle can be seen in the photo of the case.


It has been deep cleaned and serviced, with a fresh ribbon installed.

Brother Deluxe 900 Typewriter (1975)

SKU: C5387732
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