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Quality, Restored, Serviced, Fully Working

Vintage Typewriters

"For a classic & timeless writing experience"

A Blue Bird Model 20 German Typewriter in Metallic Blue


With a love for tradition, craftsmanship and the art of the typewritten word, it was inevitable that Francis-Wren Vintage Typewriters would come into being.


As a Technician & Shorthand Typist with an enduring passion for manual typewriters, I was saddened to see so many of these once great machines left to gather dust and fall into disrepair, often ending up on auction sites in an unclean, unusable condition.​

Using specialist cleaning materials, typewriter tools, patience and knowledge from both technical and typing skills, I restore these wonderful writing machines back into fine operational condition once again, ready for the discerning hands of their new owners. ​

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