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  • Free UK Shipping
    We aim to dispatch orders within 1 to 3 days and use either a 24hr or 48hr delivery service. Free UK Delivery covers UK Mainland and Northern Ireland.
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes, just contact us with your enquiry.
  • What is the best typewriter for me to buy?
    It is a matter of preference, each has their own particular features and touch, but the most popular models are the portable machines offered for sale on our site. Consider a machine with a tabulator function to save time if typing a lot of letters, or financial documents where column work is required. A typewriter with a touch selection setting is beneficial if you prefer to adjust the effort required of the keyboard to your own personal preference. Some typewriters have a key that detangles typebars if you are a fast typist, this saves time and inky fingers!
  • Do you have any typewriters with a Dvorak layout?
    I first learnt to touch type using the Dvorak keyboard layout, so I completely understand people who are seeking machines with this, unfortunately they were not as popular and therefore not made in as great a number as QWERTY layout machines, if we come across one it would certainly be something we would restore!
  • Do you customise/paint machines in different colours?
    We only refinish the external casework of a typewriter when the original factory paint appearance is no longer acceptable. Ultimately, we aim to preserve as many fine machines with their original factory finish as possible and any minor blemishes/marks, or patina consistent with age and use are, naturally, to be expected.
  • Why is my typewriter not printing clearly?
    Manual typewriters require a staccato touch in order to operate correctly. This means you should strike each key rapidly and let go immediately. If you have only been used to a computer keyboard before, this will require a slight adjustment period as you become acquainted to using a manual typewriter. Avoid pressing down too hard or holding down the keys, as this can cause print quality issues or the typebars to get stuck. With practice, you'll develop a rhythm and feel for the right touch for your machine, and you'll be able to type smoothly and efficiently.
  • Should I use correction fluid/erasers to correct typos?
    We do not recommend the use of correction fluid or erasers, as these can leave deposits in the typewriter mechanism. Our preference is the instant correction tape, e.g. Tipp-Ex Mouse, these cover typos instantly and are dry, so you can type immediately over any errors, without mess or waiting for it to dry on the paper.
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